STELR Equipment

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STELR Equipment

Many STELR modules use different STELR equipment packs.

Purpose-built equipment allows students to undertake both guided and open-ended research.

The equipment has been designed and developed in Australia specifically for STELR and is robust, simple and easy to use.

Student kits contain all the equipment necessary for students to conduct the investigations set out in STELR student workbooks.

Teacher kits contain equipment for quick activities, teacher demonstrations or sample materials for students.

How to use STELR Equipment

For detailed instructions on how to use STELR equipment, please scroll down to the particular equipment pack you are using and click on the ‘How to use’ link.

How to Purchase STELR Equipment

To purchase class sets or individual kits of STELR equipment and curriculum resources, complete the appropriate order form (below) and send it, along with a school purchase order, to

Follow the links below for the relevant kit information, order forms, replacement part numbers, ‘how to use’ videos and other resources.

What Teachers Say

Program used at Yr. 8 level this year. Staff enjoyed playing with the kits as much as students. Enabled lots of experiments to be conducted at school easily. Student engagement was improved (compared to last year when we ‘jerry’ built equipment and tried to make it work). The kits look good and work really well. Stimulated lots of discussion about how to achieve experimental results using the kits. Staff felt comfortable using the kits, as the explanations in the staff and student book were easy to understand and re explain to students. Easy to manage in the classroom with the segments in the kits. 250 students, 15 sessions on energy X 6 classes - nothing broken...
— Victorian teacher
STELR Renewable Energy Kit

STELR Renewable Energy Equipment Pack

There are both student and teacher equipment kits as well as hard-copy teacher resources and student workbooks for use when delivering the STELR Renewable Energy Module.

STELR Renewable Energy Equipment Kits

How to use STELR Renewable Energy Equipment

STELR Electricity and Energy Kit

STELR Electricity & Energy Equipment Pack

This kit is designed for those teaching the basics of electric circuits, energy transfer and energy transformation. It is particularly suited for teaching the electric circuits content of the Australian Curriculum – Science (ACSSU097) and Science Inquiry Skills at the same level.

STELR Electricity & Electricity and Energy Equipment Kits

How to use STELR Electricity & Energy Equipment

STELR Wind Energy Kit

STELR Wind Energy Equipment Pack

This kit is similar to the Standard Renewable Energy kit, without the energy transformations and solar energy components. It supports the STELR Wind Energy Module.

STELR Wind Energy Equipment Kits

How to use STELR Wind Energy Equipment

STELR Sustainable House Kit

STELR Sustainable Housing Equipment Pack

This is the newest of the range of STELR modules. The student kit includes house frames, a variety of building materials, fan and heating panels as well as temperature sensors and a data logger. The teacher kit contains additional materials for testing.

STELR Sustainable Housing Equipment Kits

How to use STELR Sustainable Housing Equipment

STELR Solar Car Kit

STELR Solar Car Kit

This kit contains all the equipment needed to construct one solar car.

STELR Solar Car Equipment Kits

How to use STELR Solar Car Equipment

STELR Clip-On Microscope

STELR Clip-on Microscopes for smartphones

STELR clip-on microscope can be clipped on to a smart phone to view and record images using the phone’s camera function. It includes a UV and an LED light. With the use of the camera’s zoom function, objects can be magnified up to 60x.

Instruction sheet for the STELR Clip-on Microscope is inside the box. A copy can be downloaded here.

STELR Essential Renewable Energy Pack

This is a smaller version of the Renewable Energy pack. This is suitable if your school already has enough multimeters, power packs and cables.

Please contact us if you would like to order this.

International Renewable Energy Equipment Packs

The International Renewable Energy Equipment Packs contain fewer items in order to reduce shipping costs overseas from Australia.

Please contact the STELR Office for details of our overseas supplier.

STELR Renewable Energy Equipment Kits

How to use STELR Renewable Energy Equipment

Spare Parts & Support

Spare parts, including additional measuring devices can be purchased from us. Please contact us if you need any spare parts or support at: