Future Health


The Future Health STEM education resource uses the theme of health and the human body show students that STEM is relevant to their lives. The inquiry-based and hands-on learning program engages and challenges both students and teachers, making STEM fun to learn and easier to teach.

It maps to the Australian Curriculum Science in Years 7 – 10.

STELR Future Health Curriculum Materials

The activities included in the STELR Future Health curriculum materials allow students to investigate:

  • life at the microscopic level
  • stem cells and bio-banks
  • bionics
  • 3D printing of body parts
  • nanotechnology
  • genetic engineering


The STELR Future Health program is designed to be a 6-8 week course; however, it can be modified to suit the needs of your students. The Student Book and Fact File can be downloaded here:

STELR Future Health student book pdf – 2,801 KB
STELR Future Health Fact File pdf – 1.5 MB

This unit is not supported by hard copy books.

Climate Change and Health

Dr Grace Wangge from the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition gave a keynote presentation entitled ‘The Effects of Climate Change on Vector-Borne Diseases’ to the STELR – STEM Workshop run in Indonesia in 2017. A pdf version of her slide show can be downloaded here.

STELR Future Health Equipment Kits

STELR has not developed a specific equipment kit for this module.
All classroom activities can be undertaken using everyday items and/or standard school laboratory equipment.

Additional information and resources

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