Other STEM Career Profiles


Lachlan McDaniel

Senior Indigenous Affairs Advisor, Telstra

“My job involves building relationships and projects between Telstra staff and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.”


Laurie Budd

Research Officer, Monash University Accident Research Centre

“I use road crash data to evaluate road safety programs including red light and speed cameras and road and car design.”


Holly McVicar

Geologist for New Hope Group

“I work across all aspects of the mining of petroleum, coal and minerals; including exploration, research and production.”


Fiona Greenhalgh

Health and Hygiene Specialist at Rio Tinto

“I oversee the occupational hygiene monitoring at a mine site, where we monitor and implement control procedure for any harmful substances.”


Emma Dellar

Geologist for Rio Tinto

“I grew up in a mining town and was attracted to study geophysics. I ensure that the geoscience specialists at a mining site collect and analyse the best possible data.”


Claire Di Corleto

Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, Rio Tinto

“Every day is different in my job. I review chemical stocks, monitor dust and noise at the mine site, present health and safety information to the mine crews and undertake risk assessments.”