Sustainable Housing Remote Learning

STELR has produced remote learning videos and student workbooks for schools unable to carry out the investigations.

STELR Sustainable Housing Remote Learning Materials

These videos present three investigations using the Sustainable Housing kit.

Students see the investigations being performed and can graph the results.

Test 1: Wall Colour Investigation

How does the colour of a wall affect the amount of heat energy absorbed and what this does to the temperature inside the house?

Test 2: Window Glass Investigation

How effective are different types of glass and how do they affect the temperature of a room when the window is in full sunlight?

Test 3: Best Insulation Investigation

How effective are different types of insulation for regulating the temperature in a house?

Additional videos with Spanish and Indonesian subtitles can be found on our YouTube channel.

If you are unable to view the videos on YouTube, they can also be found on the Australian Science Channel.


The workbook includes the data from the investigations. Students draw graphs, analyse the results and draw conclusions.

These will be posted here shortly.