Career Profiles – Renewable Energy

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Rosemary Barnes is a wind energy engineer. Learn about what she does in her job and the study pathway she followed to get there.

Dr Vanessa Rauland is an entrepreneur and the Founder and Managing Director of ClimateClever, a company that provides advice to schools to help them become more sustainable. She is also a research fellow at Curtin University.

Sonja Basson is Principal Renewable Energy Engineer at AECOM, engineering firm that provides design, consulting, construction, and management services to a wide range of clients.

Dr Jill Cainey is a climatologist working as Global Applications Director – Energy Storage for S&C Electric Company.

Claire Legrand talks about her job as an engineer specialising in marine renewable energy resources such as tidal and wave power. She discusses the study pathway that led to her career. She gives advice to students who would like to work in the renewable energy industry.


Shena Ong is a graduate engineer who works for Ekistica, which is an engineering company based in Alice Springs, that specialises in remote area renewable energy and infrastructure.


Sinapati Tupou is a protection systems consultant working on the New Zealand power grid. He is an electrical engineer and works for AECOM. He was interviewed during A Cigre Conference held in Melbourne.


Jenny is an engineer who works with domestic solar energy and fuel cells.

Archana Sathivelu is a Systems Engineer Hydrix in Melbourne

Chris Wilson

Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineer for the Government Architect’s Office, NSW Public Works.

“I design and supervise the construction of building-mounted solar power systems for public buildings”   

Daniel Walsh

Wind Analyst/Engineer for Pacific Hydro

“I determine the wind resource of a site, design the wind farm layout and predict the energy output, which is used to determine whether the site is suitable for development”

Kate Vaughan

Closure/Environmental graduate for Rio Tinto

“In an environmental role you speak to so many different types of people and you need to make it clear to these people ‘why’ the environment matters to them”

Megan Kent

Senior Research Worker, Biochemical Profiling of Microalgae for James Cook Uni and MBD Energy Ltd

“My colleagues and I work to establish the biochemical profiles of various microalgae strains in order to evaluate their suitability for products, such as biofuels”

Kylie Catchpole

Research Fellow for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Australian National University

“I most enjoy discovering something new and getting new ideas about designs for solar cells, as well as working with other people who love this type of work too”

Michelle Radlof

Civil and Environmental Engineer for Rio Tinto

“I manage small site projects, which can range from road rehabilitation and resealing to designing weed wash down stations for the mine”

Melanie de Leon

Geoscientific Systems & Data Specialist for Rio Tinto

“I am responsible for providing and administering data management solutions”

Nick Jatan

Senior Electrical Engineer for Entura, Hydro Tasmania

“I am involved in the development of innovative solutions to problems encountered in the electrical power industry, in a renewable energy environment”

Nicholas Schulz

Automotive Engineer for Applidyne

“The aim of the project is to design a solar powered heat engine  that is able to produce electricity, hot water and home heating cheaper than equivalent solar PV and hot water systems”

Steven Sewell

Geophysicist for geothermal division of Mighty River Power

“involves using physics-based methods to explore, develop and manage geothermal fields”

Merren Wilkinson

Community Officer for Communications Team, Hydro Tasmania

“my role is to help the local community engage with the project – to understand what we are doing and why”

Terry Ives

Generation Technician (Electrical) Level 8 for Hydro Tasmania

“I am employed to operate, maintain and improve Hydro Power-Generating plants”

Rick Morgans

Company founder for Cyclopic Energy

“I co-founded a company that focuses on wind resource assessment, specifically for optimising the energy yield from small wind turbines”

Angela Rozali

Senior Engineer, Renewable Energy. AECOM

“I’m focused on wind, solar and energy storage project development, which involves project management and energy generation modelling”

Marteena McKenzie

Project Manager, Research and Policy for CAT Projects

“I design, develop and manage household energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in remote Indigenous communities”

Alicia Webb

Policy Manager for the Clean Energy Council

“I work with the renewable energy industry. Sometimes I plan events and conferences, sometimes I write reports or lead projects that help us to improve as a sector”

Rosemary Barnes

Senior Engineer, De-Icing for LM Wind Power

“I am concerned about climate change, and with my background in composite materials and aerodynamics I felt that wind energy was a way I could contribute to practical solutions.”