Career Profiles – Wind Energy

Daniel Walsh

Wind Analyst/Engineer for Pacific Hydro

“I determine the wind resource of a site, design the wind farm layout and predict the energy output, which is used to determine whether the site is suitable for development”

Rosemary Barnes

Senior Engineer, De-Icing for LM Wind Power

“I am very concerned about climate change, and with my background in composite materials and aerodynamics I felt that wind energy was a great way I could contribute to practical solutions.”

Angela Rozali

Senior Engineer, Renewable Energy, AECOM

“I’m focused on wind, solar and energy storage project development, which involves a range of activities such as climbing wind turbines, project management and energy generation modelling”

Marteena McKenzie

Project Manager, Research and Policy for CAT Projects

“I design, develop and manage household energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in remote Indigenous communities”

Rick Morgans

Company founder for Cyclopic Energy

“I co-founded a company that focuses on wind resource assessment, specifically for optimising the energy yield from small wind turbines”

Alicia Webb

Policy Manager for the Clean Energy Council

“I work with the renewable energy industry. Sometimes I plan events and conferences, sometimes I write reports or lead projects that help us to improve as a sector”