STEM at Work

STELR aims to raise awareness of opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)-related careers in order to increase the number of students choosing science and engineering careers and to address the shortage of science and engineering graduates.

One of the reasons that students do not choose to pursue these careers is that they often do not understand what the career entails. For example, anecdotal evidence suggests that unless a student knows an engineer, they have little idea about engineering and are unlikely to consider it as a potential career.

Research suggests that the demand for STEM skills will generate the next wave of jobs growth. 75% of the fast growing jobs will require STEM skills and 70% of Australian employers identify STEM employees as being most innovative.

A Smart Move, PwC, 2015

This shows that STEM skills are important for both STEM careers that exist today and also for those future, yet to be invented jobs.

Inspirational career profiles can help students in their career choices and career pathways. Career profiles and videos are published on this website and on our STELR YouTube channel. They are for use by teachers and students. There are video profiles as well as written interviews for careers in renewable energy, sustainable housing, climate change, future health, engineering and related fields.

Additional information and resources

Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Poster

You can download a PDF poster featuring the 20 women featured in the videos here.

Careers in STEM worksheet

Download a worksheet that teachers can use to encourage students to research a STEM career of their choice.

Careers in STEM - Additional Resources