Solar Cars


STELR solar cars are designed to be used in conjunction with the STELR Renewable Energy module for students to apply their knowledge of solar energy and electric circuits.

Focusing on technology and engineering, these kits are ideal for STEM classes.

Schools are encouraged to use the solar car kits to run an in-school solar car challenge at the end of the unit, where students test their designs.

STELR Solar Car Curriculum Materials

The solar car program maps to years 7-10 of the Australian Curriculum and covers:

  • Energy transfer and transformation
  • Conservation of energy and energy efficiency
  • Electricity generation and use
  • Electrical power and electric circuits
  • Forces and gears
  • Analysis of how motion, force and energy are used to manipulate and control electromechanical systems when designing simple, engineered solutions

Maths activities are embedded throughout.

Click here to download the  STELR  Solar Car Manual

Click here to download the STELR student booklet: Solar Cars – Mathematics of Gears

STELR Solar Car Equipment Kit

A class set of 10 STELR Solar Car kits includes all the equipment required for students to undertake investigations into the construction and modification of solar cars including a teacher jar of spare parts.

STELR equipment encourages both guided and open-ended research. It has been designed and developed in Australia specifically for STELR and is robust, simple and easy to use.

How to purchase STELR resources

To purchase a class set of STELR equipment and curriculum resources, download and complete the order form below and send it, along with a school purchase order, to

STELR Solar Car Equipment Kit

STELR Solar Car Spare Parts

Spare parts, including additional measuring devices can be purchased from us. Please contact us if you need any spare parts or support at:

When ordering extra equipment items please quote the part number listed here.

How to use STELR Solar Car Equipment

Constructing an API STELR solar car from the kit

This video shows you how to construct the API STELR Solar Car. It was produced by power engineer, Jarman Stephens, (2014 API Bursary holder) and videographer, Thomas Cotter.   How to Build a Solar Car video.

Changing Gears on the API STELR solar car

This video shows how to change the gear configuration for your API STELR solar car. It is the second video in the series produced by Jarman Stephens and Thomas Cotter. We suggest students only work on changing the gears once they have constructed and tested their car.

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