What do teachers say?

Teachers involved in implementing STELR modules in their schools have identified many significant benefits arising out of the inquiry-based learning in the STELR program. They included:

  • A definite increase in the level of students’ engagement with the material – this included more class discussion and willingness of students to contribute to discussions, as well as increased engagement with practical activities.
  • More opportunities to connect what students were learning with current issues in the media and in their daily lives. Students gained insights into how science works in the real world.
  • The opportunity for teachers to work as a team, to gain a broader understanding of the applications of science, and to undertake inquiry-based learning on a much larger scale than their time and resources would normally allow.

Listen to one teacher’s views of the STELR program in this short clip taken from an Orica STELR video.

The students are engaged from the very first day of the program to the end - often asking if we can continue it when we finish. It has encouraged a great deal of interest in science for our students with a record number enrolling in VCE science subjects after completing this program in Year 10. The resources are well designed and easy to use and the teacher instructions mean teachers with limited physics experience are easily able to guide the students through the program. - VIC
The equipment is easy to use and the variety of ways it can be applied is useful in not just year 9. We have also used modified sections for our primary school as well. We will be keeping the program for the indefinite future!
Although students may not accredit completing STELR with the reasons they are studying physics, many students (girls) are now see the application of the subject and are considering engineering as a real possibility. - VIC
Excellent - inquiry based investigation of energy. The students enjoyed the challenges and it certainly made teaching easier with less preparation and a higher level of engagement from the students. - VIC
STELR has provided a practical element to maths and science through the design and technology. The learning environment and problem solving situations has promoted senior maths and science and further shown the relevance to related maths and science careers. Excellent program with great resources and easy to use equipment. - SA

Teachers review inquiry-based STEM education program

The STELR materials are excellent and students enjoy working with them. They are good for introducing understanding of the scientific inquiry process as well as energy, alternative energy sources and careers and the ways scientists work. We will continue to work with STELR and utilise the materials from 7 to 10 and hopefully beyond into years 11/12. It was a great success and students really enjoyed working with the materials and the activities. - TAS
Excellent program - it should be mandatory in all schools - NSW

What do students say?

STELR Students comment on the STELR program.

It helps to demonstrate what is actually happening in the real world.
We’ve been able to link real life issues to the equipment we are using.
I feel like I learn more and I focus more if I’m actually doing something like building a structure.
After I did STELR, I learnt a lot more, like the need to save energy. I feel like when you have something engaging you can learn a lot more from it.
It’s a really fun way to make science easier.

Students comment on the STELR program