Women in STEM

The STELR team has produced a series of 19 video profiles featuring female role models and entrepreneurs from STEM fields.
The role models are drawn from all states and territories in Australia and cover a wide range of STEM careers.

The videos aim to inspire girls (and boys) to pursue STEM careers and aim to boost enrolments of girls in STEM subjects in senior years of schooling by highlighting study pathways.

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Program.

Rosemary Barnes

Wind Turbine Engineer

Rosemary works on the design of more efficient more wind turbine blades.

Jaci Brown

Mathematician and Digital Agriculture

Jaci develops climate decision tools and digital agriculture applications to help  farmers plan and improve their harvests.

Anjali Jaiprakash


Anjali develops vision and control systems for robotic surgery and also a universal retinal diagnostic system.

Ella Gross

Water Design Engineer

Design Engineer, Jacobs.

Ella works on water infrastructure projects. She designs systems of pipes, pumps and tanks to store and re-direct both drinking water and recycled water.

Niki Robinson

Environmental Engineer

Manager of Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Regulation, Office of the Technical Regulator, South Australia.

Niki is the first female President of Engineers Australia (SA).

Sarah Last

Biologist, Inventor and Entrepreneur

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, MimicTec.

Sarah is an AgTech inventor who has invented a device that encourages chic survival at early stages of life.

Sheena Ong

Renewables Engineer

Sheena works on renewable energy projects. She’s also a documentary filmmaker, passionate about engineering solutions for humanitarian development.

Sonja Basson

Electrical and Electronic Engineer

Sonja works with clients to develop and design renewable energy projects.

Vanessa Rauland

Sustainability and Renewables Advocate

Entrepreneur and researcher focused on low carbon schools, urban development and community scale renewable energy.

Belinda Grealy

Chemical Engineer

Belinda manages blasting services at sites and operations across the globe for the coals, metals and quarry industries

Cass Hunter

Quantitative Marine Scientist

Cass develops tools to support Indigenous communities manage and plan how they adapt to the effects of climate change and other priority issues.

Catherine Ball

Environmental Scientist and Entrepreneur

Catherine works on projects where drones, robotics and tech meet environmental protection and more.

Davina Rooney

Civil Engineer and Sustainability Manager

Davina is passionate about finding sustainability solutions in property management, to improve the environment and for thriving communities.

Emily de la Pena

Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur

Emily comes from a Computer Science and Engineering background and she founded a company that runs computer and coding clubs in schools and community centres.

Ivana Popovac

Systems Engineer

Ivana was the lead design engineer working on Cochlear’s next generation Nexus7 Implant, the world’s first made for iPhone #cochlear system.

Jill Cainey

Climatologist and Energy Storage Expert

Jill’s career has ranged from an atmospheric chemistry and climatology researcher, a primary school teacher to an authority in energy storage.

Julie Shuttleworth


Julie’s career in mining has gone from working as a metallurgist, extracting metal out of rock, to managing entire mine sites.

Liz Williams

Chemist and Entrepreneur

Co-founded a MedTech start-up company with Kate Lomas, to develop a new design for cochlear implants to be used to help the profoundly deaf.

Kate Lomas

Biophysicist, Inventor and Entrepreneur

Kate discovered a new insect hearing organ which inspired her to revolutionise cochlear implants. She partnered with Liz Williams to co-found a MedTech start-up.

Marianne Foley

Fire Safety Engineer

Marianne works with design teams to create buildings and infrastructure that are fire safe.

Pia Winberg

Marine Ecologist and Entrepreneur

Pia is developing marine food production systems that are sustainably integrated with the environment in collaboration with aquaculture industries.

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Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Poster

You can download a PDF poster featuring the 20 women featured in the videos here.

Careers in STEM worksheet

Download a worksheet that teachers can use to encourage students to research a STEM career of their choice.

Entrepreneurship Workbook

This workbook features six of the subjects of our Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship videos, who have started their own businesses.