Welcome to the STELR classroom

STELR is a ready-to-use STEM resource that:

  • Is hands-on, inquiry-based, and in-curriculum.
  • Shows students that science and maths are relevant to their lives.
  • Increases student enthusiasm for and engagement with Science, Technology,
    Engineering & Maths (STEM) subjects.
  • Provides career profiles which highlight the study pathways necessary for jobs in STEM-related industries.


STELR has developed equipment sets to increase the fun and effectiveness of activities.

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Students actively pursue science knowledge through guided and then open inquiry.

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STELR develops science literacy and life-long active learning skills for all students in the classroom.

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STELR Modules

STELR has produced more than 20 curriculum modules comprising over 280 lessons, 100 hands-on activities, 30 career profile videos and 80 written career profiles. Many modules are supported by kits of Australian-designed and manufactured equipment to facilitate inquiry-based, hands-on, minds-on, problem-based learning.

Teachers review the STELR inquiry-based STEM education program

Students comment on the STELR inquiry-based STEM education program

STELR Schools

STELR schools use class sets of STELR equipment to teach the science and maths curriculum. All STELR modules develop students skills in inquiry-based learning as well as providing relevant contexts for the understanding of science and maths content.

STELR is currently running in more than 700 schools in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, with over 100,000 students and 1,500 teachers involved each year.

See an interactive map of all the STELR schools here.

Sponsors, Supporters and Partners

The Academy acknowledges the generous support of the STELR sponsors who provide invaluable financial and in-kind assistance and who share the Academy’s aim to deliver high quality STEM education programs into schools throughout Australia.