Career Profiles – Engineering

Hamish Banks

Structural Engineer for Arup

“I work on improving buildings in countries like Timor-Leste and Vanuatu.”

Rosemary Barnes

Senior Engineer, De-Icing for LM Wind Power

“I am concerned about climate change, and with my background in composite materials and aerodynamics I felt that wind energy was a way I could contribute to practical solutions.”

Nick Jatan

Senior Electrical Engineer for Entura, Hydro Tasmania

“I am involved in the development of innovative solutions to problems encountered in the electrical power industry, in a renewable energy environment”

Michelle Radlof

Civil and Environmental Engineer for Rio Tinto

“I manage small site projects, which can range from road rehabilitation and resealing to designing weed wash down stations for the mine”

Angela Rozali

Senior Engineer, Renewable Energy. AECOM

“I’m focused on wind, solar and energy storage project development, which involves project management and energy generation modelling”

Nicholas Schulz

Automotive Engineer for Applidyne

“The aim of the project is to design a solar powered heat engine that is able to produce electricity, hot water and home heating cheaper than equivalent solar PV and hot water systems”

Chris Wilson

Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineer for the Government Architect’s Office, NSW Public Works.

“I design and supervise the construction of building-mounted solar power systems for public buildings”

Daniel Walsh

Wind Analyst/Engineer for Pacific Hydro

“I determine the wind resource of a site, design the wind farm layout and predict the energy output, which is used to determine whether the site is suitable for development”

Dan Natarajan

Graduate Technical Services Engineer (Mining)

“I work with mining and quarrying companies, designing blasting systems to meet their particular needs”