Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy is a STEM education program designed to engage students in learning about energy and sustainability. It uses the theme of renewable energy to harness students’ interest in and concern about climate change and rising energy costs. The inquiry-based learning program engages and challenges both students and teachers. Career profiles encourage students to understand the use and influence of science.

The STELR Renewable Energy resource includes class sets of purpose-designed and built equipment as well as curriculum materials available both in hard and soft copy.

The resource maps to the Australian Curriculum Science, primarily at Year 8, but can be modified for use from year 6 though to senior secondary levels.

STELR Renewable Energy Curriculum Materials

The activities included in the STELR Renewable Energy curriculum materials  allow students to:

  • discuss climate change causes and effects,
  • find out about types of energy and how energy can be transferred from place to place and transformed from one type to another
  • investigate energy resources both renewable and non-renewable
  • find out about energy conservation and efficiency
  • investigate batteries and electric circuits,
  • study solar electricity and wind turbines using inquiry-based hands-on activities,
  • design and run investigations to answer their own inquiry questions
  • find out about careers in the renewable energy industry

The STELR Renewable Energy program is designed to be used as a 6-8 week course; however, it can be modified to suit the needs of your students.

Renewable Energy Books

The STELR Renewable Energy teacher and student books are available in hard copy and soft copy. The student books are designed to be kept by students who write in them as they complete the unit.

Hard copies can be purchased from us using the STELR Renewable Energy Order forms (below).

The books are also available in soft copy on the STELR Renewable Energy USB or you can download them here:

STELR Renewable Energy teacher book – PDF (6.2mb)

STELR Renewable Energy Student EBOOK (4th edition 2020) (4mb)

The Mathematics of Solar Panels is a resource that includes activities related to the positioning of solar panels, the position of the Sun in the sky at different latitudes and longitudes and in different seasons; compass bearings, time zones and measuring angles.

Mathematics of Solar Panels – PDF (3.8mb)

When the STELR Renewable Energy program was initially developed, it contained a very extensive array of curriculum materials including information on the chemistry of batteries carbon dioxide and ocean acidification; fossil fuels and biofuels and batteries. As these lessons were not supported by STELR equipment, they were removed from the STELR Renewable Energy books on advice from the trialling teachers.

They are provided here for you:

STELR Chemical Sciences program student book – WORD (3.5mb)
STELR Chemical Sciences program student book – PDF (5.2mb)
STELR Chemical Sciences program teacher book – PDF (3.7mb)

Global Warming – Cold Facts, Hot Science

STELR produced a video in 2010 entitled Global Warming – Cold Facts – Hot Science. It is intended to be used as stimulus material for classroom discussion on the effects of Climate Change. Global Warming – Cold Facts – Hot Science can be viewed online. It is also included on the STELR Renewable Energy USB.

STELR Renewable Energy USB

A USB is available for purchase ($10). It includes digital copies of the student booklet and teacher guide in both word and pdf formats. A number of PowerPoint presentations and other useful resources are included including the STELR DVD – Global Warming – Cold facts – Hot science.

STELR Renewable Energy Equipment Kits

Purpose-built equipment allows students to undertake both guided and open-ended research. The equipment has been designed and developed in Australia specifically for STELR and is robust, simple and easy to use.

Three STELR renewable energy equipment packs support the Renewable Energy Curriculum materials. Choose the one that is right for you.

How to purchase STELR resources

To purchase a class set of STELR equipment and curriculum resources, complete the appropriate order form and send it, along with a school purchase order, to

Individual wind energy student and teacher kits and hard copy books can also be purchased using the form.

STELR Renewable Energy Equipment Kit

This kit contains all the equipment needed to complete the Renewable Energy investigations.

Student Kit

Teacher Kit

STELR Essential Renewable Energy Equipment Kit

This kit is similar to the Renewable Energy Kit but does not include multimeters, power packs or cables.

Kit contents

Contact us if you would like to order this kit

STELR International Renewable Energy Equipment Kit

This kit is similar to the Essential Renewable Energy kit. Items have been removed to reduce transport costs. It is recommended you purchase 40cm high velocity fans locally to reduce costs. If inquiring from outside Australia, please contact the STELR Office for details of how to purchase STELR.

STELR International student kit

Contact us if you live outside Australia and would like to order this kit.

Spare Parts

Spare parts, including additional measuring devices can be purchased from us. Please contact us if you need any spare parts or support at:

When ordering extra equipment items please quote the part number listed here.

How to use STELR Renewable Energy Equipment

STELR Ranging Multimeter

The STELR Ranging multimeter replaced the older STELR Multimeter during 2018.

  • Contact for an instructional powerpoint to be sent to you

Instructions sheets for the STELR measuring devices

PDFs of the instruction sheets that accompany some of the STELR devices can be downloaded here:

STELR Wind turbine and hub

Setting up the wind turbine to generate electricity

Watch a video that shows how to set up the wind turbine to generate electricity and light a lamp in the STELR test rig

Measuring blade angle for the STELR wind turbine

Step by step instructions on how to measure blade angle using either the marks on the wind turbine hub or the downloadable STELR protractor.

You can also see a video showing how to measure the blade angle.

Measuring the power output from the STELR wind turbine

This video shows you how to use two multimeters, one as an ammeter and one as a voltmeter, to measure the power produces by the wind turbine

STELR Pelton wheel

How to use the Pelton wheel

video showing how to use the STELR Pelton wheel to demonstrate hydro-electricity.

STELR Renewable Energy test rig

Watch a video that explains the features of the test rig that is supplied in the STELR Renewable Energy student kits.

STELR Solar panel

How to use the Solar Cells

This video shows you how to use the STELR Solar cell panel and the lamps to generate electricity.

Connecting the solar cells in series and parallel

You can watch a video showing how to connect the solar cells in series.

Measuring power from the solar panel

This video shows how to measure the power from a solar panel connected in series.


Replacing the halogen light globe in the STELR lamp

Step-by-step instructions on how to replace the light globe in the STELR lamp.

STELR Hand-cranked generator

Setting up the STELR hand-cranked generator

Printable step-by-step instructions on how to set up the hand-cranked generator using the STELR wind turbine and the STELR hand-cranked generator mount which is supplied in the STELR Renewable Energy teacher kit.

Using the hand-cranked generator mount

This video shows how to use the wind turbine with the hand-cranked generator mount.

STELR Energy toys

How to make a ‘cotton reel car’

video showing how to use a rubber band and the cotton reels supplied in the STELR Renewable Energy equipment kit to demonstrate energy transformations.

How to make a ‘flik flak’

video showing how to make a jumping ‘flik flak’ using a plastic card and a rubber band.

How to use the ‘jumping cups’

video showing how to demonstrate energy transfers and transformations using the jumping cups supplied in the STELR Renewable Energy and Electricity and Energy equipment kits.

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