Earth, Moon and Sun


The Earth, Moon and Sun STEM Education program provides hands-on and enquiry based learning activities to help students understand the day-night cycle, seasons and the phases of the moon.

The resource maps to the Australian Curriculum Science at Year 7.

STELR Earth, Moon and Sun Curriculum Materials

The activities included in the Earth, Moon and Sun curriculum materials allow students to investigate:

  • Motion of the Earth, Moon and Sun
  • Modelling the Phases of the Moon
  • Phases of Other Objects in the Solar System
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • Seasons
  • Planetary Motion and Gravity

The STELR Earth, Moon and Sun program is designed to be a 6-8 week course; however, it can be modified to suit the needs of your students. The student book can be downloaded here:

STELR Earth, Moon and Sun student book pdf – 1MB

STELR Earth, Moon and Sun Equipment Kits

STELR has not developed a specific equipment kit for this module.

All classroom activities can be undertaken using everyday items ans/or standard school laboratory equipment.

Additional information and resources

Earth Moon and Sun Curriculum Links