Climate Change and Oceans


Climate Change and Oceans is a STEM education program that uses the context of sea level changes and ocean acidification to investigate the physical and chemical  properties of ice and water and carbon dioxide chemistry, showing students that STEM is relevant to their lives. The inquiry-based and hands-on learning program engages and challenges both students and teachers, making STEM fun to learn and easier to teach.

STELR Climate Change and Oceans Curriculum Materials

The activities included in the STELR Climate Change and Oceans curriculum materials allow students to:

  • investigate the effect of climate change on island nations
  • understand the physical properties of water and ice
  • understand the chemistry of carbon dioxide
  • experiment with acids and bases
  • investigate the effect of ocean acidification on sea life
  • investigate related careers

The STELR Climate Change and Oceans program is designed to be a 6-8 week course; however, it can be modified to suit the needs of your students.

STELR Climate Change and Oceans books

The STELR Climate Change and Oceans Student Book and Fact file are available in soft copy and can be downloaded here:

STELR Climate Change and Oceans student book pdf – 7.2MB
STELR Climate Change and Oceans Fact File pdf – 2.5MB

Climate Change and Oceans Student Work Book overview

The student work book is divided into five sections that examine students; attitudes to climate change, looks at case studies where people and nations are being affected by climate change; investigate the effects of global warming on ice and sea volume, investigate ocean acidification and look at the careers of people working in the area.

The Climate Changes and Oceans Fact File overview

The Climate Change an Oceans Fact File contains two case studies and two career profiles. The first case study is about how tropical fish are now being found in temperate waters and the second looks at how global warming is affecting the livelihoods in island nations. The career profiles include tow researchers  investigating molluscs for medicine and algae for food respectively.

This unit is not supported by hard copy books.

STELR Climate Change and Oceans Equipment Kit

STELR has not developed a specific equipment kit for this module.

All classroom activities can be undertaken using everyday items and/or standard school laboratory equipment.

Additional information and resources

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