Catherine Hart

Catherine Hart

Job title

Graduate Technical Services Engineer

Who do you work for?


What does your job involve?

My role as a Graduate Technical Services Engineer is to provide technical support and training to customer sites both in Mining Services (open cut metal) and Quarry Services for Orica’s West Region (Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory).

In this role I deliver optimal blast designs and outcomes through safe and efficient blasting techniques where safety, environmental management and cost efficiency are forefront.

Why did you choose to work in this sector?

I wanted to expand my knowledge of explosives – which I had already developed as a Special Effects Technician in the film industry – to a commercial scale, thus mining was a natural choice.

What is the most rewarding part of your current job?

When a project successfully comes to fruition through collaboration between the customer and the Orica team.

What has been one of your recent achievements?

Being involved in the Research and development trials for Orica’s High Energy Bulk products at Newmont’s Boddington Gold Mine and BGC’s Voyager II Quarry.

What is the most challenging part of your current job?

Understanding a mine or quarry’s rock mass and geological conditions.

What do you hope to do in the future?

To be top in my field within Orica’s Technical Services.

What are some of the other benefits of your job?

Definitely travel and gaining exposure to different mining and quarry operations.  Servicing a region also allows you to develop relationships with people from various disciplines.

What training did you have for this job?

Upper secondary school

High school curriculum has definitely changed a lot since I was at school. I wasn’t as fortunate as the current students are today who have such a variety of subjects available. I studied the core subjects of English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Visual Arts.

After secondary school

  • 2012 – Bachelor of Engineering, Mining (University of New South Wales)
  • 2001 – Bachelor of Dramatic Arts, Technical Production (NIDA: National Institute of Dramatic Arts)
  • 1998 – Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts (University of Newcastle)

My first two undergraduate degrees were not required for my current role with Orica but the experiences and knowledge I gained in completing these degrees shaped the person that I am today.

What career advice would you give to school students interested in a similar career?

On personal experience, I strongly recommend to all students who are making the somewhat daunting decision of “what career path should I choose?” is to choose a field that you are passionate about. If you do, you will succeed on every level.

Also your first career choice may not be your only career. My previous career, of nine years was working as a Special Effects Technician in the Australian and the United Kingdom’s film industries. I therefore encourage everyone to always be open to new opportunities and to keep your skills current. In doing so, your career path will be enriched, varied and fulfilling.