Career Videos – Renewable Energy

Sonja Basson is Principal Renewable Energy Engineer at AECOM, engineering firm that provides design, consulting, construction, and management services to a wide range of clients.

Dr Jill Cainey is a climatologist working as Global Applications Director – Energy Storage for S&C Electric Company.

Claire Legrand talks about her job as an engineer specialising in marine renewable energy resources such as tidal and wave power. She discusses the study pathway that led to her career. She gives advice to students who would like to work in the renewable energy industry.

Shena Ong is a graduate engineer who works for Ekistica, which is an engineering company based in Alice Springs, that specialises in remote area renewable energy and infrastructure.

Dr Vanessa Rauland is an entrepreneur and the Founder and Managing Director of ClimateClever, a company that provides advice to schools to help them become more sustainable. She is also a research fellow at Curtin University.

Sinapati Tupou is a protection systems consultant working on the New Zealand power grid. He is an electrical engineer and works for AECOM. He was interviewed during A Cigre Conference held in Melbourne.

Jenny is an engineer who works with domestic solar energy and fuel cells.

Archana Sathivelu is a Systems Engineer Hydrix in Melbourne