Career Videos – Engineering

Archana Sathivelu is a Systems Engineer Hydrix in Melbourne

Nick Williams is an Engineer currently working as Site Manager for Orica at Deer Park, Victoria.

Ella works on water infrastructure projects. She designs systems of pipes, pumps and tanks to store and re-direct both drinking water and recycled water.

Nikki is the first female President of Engineers Australia (SA).

Sheena works on renewable energy projects. She’s also a documentary filmmaker, passionate about engineering solutions for humanitarian development.

Sonja works with clients to develop and design renewable energy projects.

Belinda manages blasting services at sites and operations across the globe for the coals, metals and quarry industries.

Davina is passionate about finding sustainability solutions in property management, to improve the environment and for thriving communities.

Ivana was the lead design engineer working on Cochlear’s next generation Nexus7 Implant, the world’s first made for iPhone cochlear system.

Julie’s career in mining has gone from working as a metallurgist, extracting metal out of rock, to managing entire mine sites.

Marianne works with design teams to create buildings and infrastructure that are fire safe.

Dr Catherine Ball trained as an environmental scientist and as a statistician.

Emily comes from a Computer Science and Engineering background and she founded a company that runs computer and coding clubs in schools and community centres.

Judd Harris is an engineer and the Director of Indigenous Management Group based in Perth, Western Australia. He is also a STELR ambassador.

Claire Legrand talks about her job as an engineer specialising in marine renewable energy resources such as tidal and wave power. She discusses the study pathway that led to her career. She gives advice to students who would like to work in the renewable energy industry.

Sinapati Tupou is a protection systems consultant working on the New Zealand power grid. He is an electrical engineer and works for AECOM. He was interviewed during A Cigre Conference held in Melbourne.

Bridget Walker is Water and Wastewater Manager for Ballina Shire Council and Thomas Lees is a Treatment Plant Process Engineer. They are part of the team of people who work and plan to ensure the delivery of drinking water, wastewater and recycled water services to the residents and businesses within the Ballina Shire Council.

Career Profile Videos from The Australian Power Institute

Power engineers plan, design, construct, operate and maintain power systems and equipment. You can find out more about Power Engineering from API.

Elizabeth is an electrical engineer who works in the power industry.

Les started as an apprentice electrician who eventually trained to become a power engineer.

Jenny is an engineer who works with domestic solar energy and fuel cells.

Sarah is an electrical engineer who designs electrical sub-stations.

Matt is a power engineer who works with ABB.

James is an engineer who works with power generation equipment.

Kanchana is a mechatronics engineer who can control power plants all over the world.

Ed is a mechanical engineer who works in a company that manufactures transformers for the power industry.

Daniel is an engineer who received a scholarship to travel in Europe and North America and work in a number of fields with different power companies.