Sustainable Housing – Additional Resources

Sustainable Housing – Additional Resources


The Australian Government’s YourHome webpage gives a comprehensive overview of the features of sustainable house deign under the headings Passive deign, Materials, Energy, Water  and Housing.

Sustainable Housing – Heat loss and gain in houses

This is another excerpt from a CSR video showing heat transfer in houses by radiation, convection and conduction.

House Design – Thermal Mass

This video is an excerpt from a CSR video that illustrates how thermal mass can be used in the design of energy efficient houses.

Sustainable Builder – Joost Bakker

This video features sustainable designer and builder, Joost Bakker whose low-energy house is made from natural, non-toxic and recyclable materials. His double-glazed windows are made from Viridian glass which also features as one of the test materials in the new STELR Sustainable Housing module. The video is from the Think Ahead exhibition, Scienceworks, Museum Victoria. Used with permission.