Term 4 Week 6 – Dr Soniya Yambem and Prof Matthew Davis

Term 4 Week 6 – Dr Soniya Yambem and Prof Matthew Davis

Working at the limits Dr Soniya Yambem and Prof Matthew Davis

Tuesday 8 November 2022

11.00am-12.00pm AEDST

Future smart prosthetics devices would require efficient communication between the human body and the prosthetic components, however the biological world and the electronic world do not understand each other. Soniya’s research involves exploring materials and developing device designs for electronic components which act as translators between the biological and electronic worlds. The success of such bio-electronic components will have enormous impact on developing smart prosthetics, and advancing human bionics and biosensors.

Prof Matthew Davis’s research interests are in the area of the quantum behaviour of ultra-cold gases and Bose-Einstein Condensation. He studies methods for nonequilibrium dynamics of Bose gases,  formation of BECs generation of correlations in ultra-cold gases computational physics.

Join us to hear about Soniya’s and Matt’s journeys to working at the limits of materials.

Facilitated by Dr Marisa Duong, Proteomics International.


Registrants will be sent a links and a worksheet related to the research prior to the session. Each session will include time for Q and A.

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