Term 4 Week 2 Associate Professor Ivan Poon and Dr Tahnee Saunders

Term 4 Week 2 Associate Professor Ivan Poon and Dr Tahnee Saunders

Death of a Cell

Looking at how and why cells die with A/Prof Ivan Poon and Dr Tahnee Saunders

Thursday 13 Oct 2022

11.00am-12.00pm AEDST

Dr Poon’s laboratory studies how and why cells disassemble into smaller fragments when they die. His research on cell fragmentation is important for the development of new treatments for diseases associated with cell death, including cardiovascular, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Dr Tahnee Saunders is a cell biologist with an interest in mitochondrial quality control and cell death. Tahnee‘s work focuses on how to keep mitochondria healthy, and what happens to mitochondria during the cell death pathway called apoptosis. She utilised live-cell imaging techniques such as lattice light-sheet microscopy, to understand these events.

Join us to hear about Tahnee and Ivan’s journeys to investigating cell death.

Facilitator: Dr Beatrice Chiew, University of Newcastle. Beatrice is part of the IMNIS Catalyst program.

Learn more about Beatrice and the program here.


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