Dr Rebecca Jordan

Dr Rebecca Jordan

Can’t see the adaptation for the trees

Plant adaptations in ecosystems with Dr Rebecca Jordan.

Plants, from miniature mosses to towering trees, are fundamental to healthy ecosystems. They provide benefits such as food, habitat, and clean air as well as to people and our cities. But what happens when the environment that plants are used to, changes? Can they adapt to withstand this change and continue supporting our fabulous ecosystems, and ourselves?

Dr Rebecca Jordan is a conservation scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). She is endlessly curious about the amazing variation within plant species, how this variation relates to the environment they grow in and how we can use this knowledge to support healthy, resilient ecosystems in a rapidly changing world. Through her research, Rebecca aims to understand how vulnerable trees are to climate change and how we can create plans for revegetation that are resilient now and into the future.

Join us to hear about Rebecca’s journey to become a researcher who looks at how resilient plants are through climate change.

Facilitator: Janice Vaz, WSU. Janice is part of the IMNIS Catalyst program.

Read more about her and the program here. 

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