Dr Steph Gardner & Dr Alice Jones

Dr Steph Gardner & Dr Alice Jones

Nurturing happy & healthy oceans

Dr Steph Gardner & Dr Alice Jones’s explorations in marine biology and ecology  

Environmental changes are affecting our marine and coastal systems.  

Steph’s research investigates how microbes, like bacteria, influence health and function of reef organisms like corals, fish and algae. 

Alice studies the human impacts on coastal habitats and nature-based solutions to climate change, her research focusses on ‘blue carbon’, which is the uptake and storage of carbon in coastal ecosystems like mangroves. 

Join us to hear about Steph and Alice’s on their journey to becoming scientists to help the health of our oceans and marine life.  

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This event is presented by the STELR Project (STELR) as part of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES).