Dr Hannah Robinson & A/Prof Charlie Warren

Dr Hannah Robinson & A/Prof Charlie Warren

In the changing Australian environment, where rainfall is becoming less reliable and extreme weather events more frequent, it is more important than ever that we develop climate ready crops.

As a Barley Breeder, Hannahs is highly motivated by the challenges we encounter in plant breeding, specifically improving production for a growing population in the face of an ever-changing environment. She also loves sharing with others her unconventional career pathway and how she came to be a scientist without ever taking senior science subjects at high school.

Charlie is a plant and soil biologist, who’s research looks belowground, looking at how plants take nutrients and how the plant roots manipulate soil microbes.  Today his research focusses on how plants and soil microbes cope with nutrient deficiencies.  The favorite part of his work is pulling apart plants and ecosystems to see what makes them tick.

Join us to hear from Hannah and Charlie on their journey to becoming scientists to ensure we have a robust food supply for the future.

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