Another huge battery for South Australia

Another huge battery for South Australia

Construction of a $30 million 30 MW / 8 MWh grid-scale battery at the Dalrymple substation on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula has recently been completed.

The battery will provide storage to support renewable generation and will provide fast frequency response to stabilise the grid.

On average, the battery can provide backup power to 4500 customers in the Dalrymple service area for two to three hours while connection to the grid is being restored.

The battery will also work with the 90 MW Wattle Point Wind Farm, and local rooftop solar, to provide contingency power to the households and businesses on the Yorke Peninsula if a power outage occurs.

Electranet, who developed and own the battery, publish live feeds on their website. The feeds show showing how the status of the Wattle Point wind farm, the battery and customer usage. Teachers may find these data a useful resource for their students.