Another Australian first for Prof Martin Green

Another Australian first for Prof Martin Green

STELR would like to congratulate ATSE Fellow, Professor Martin Green of UNSW who has won the prestigious Global Energy Prize. Professor Green is often called the ‘father of photovoltaics’ because pf his ongoing pioneering work in that field.

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He won the prize for his work on reducing the cost of solar panels. He shares the prize, worth over $800,000, with Russian scientist Sergey Alekseenko. There were 44 people in the running for the prize, including Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

You can see a full ABC report here.

Professor Green heads the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics at UNSW and has been featured in a number of STELR News items including: A new material in solar cell design which features his research into using perovskites as a new material for solar cell construction; also Australians set another world record and Climate for change.