STELR Student Becomes STELR Teacher

STELR Student Becomes STELR Teacher

STELR Program Manager, Pennie Stoyles travelled to My Gambier in March to run a teacher professional learning session. One of the attendees was Sarah Edwards who is currently teaching science and maths at Naracoorte High School.

Over lunchtime discussions, Sarah mentioned that she used the STELR Renewable Energy kits when she was in year 9 and 10 at Renmark High School.

“I used the same kit when I was studying years 9 and 10 at Renmark High School,” she said. “I vividly remember the cardboard boxes and fans and blades – it sparked my curiosity.

“I always wanted to be a teacher but I didn’t know what subject. Using the STELR kit at high school gave me that drive to take up a science teaching position.

“I really liked how it was hands-on and practical. Around that time there was a huge push around sustainable energy and I was hearing how they were building wind turbines in Snowtown.

“And there I was in the classroom, making turbines. I could see how the technology applied to our lives. I was so engaged.”

Sarah said that using STELR fitted well with Naracoorte High School’s new science facilities and an engaged style of learning. “The biggest challenge with years 8 and 9 and even occasionally year 10 is keeping the science relevant and making those real-life connections. I want to avoid chalk and talk.”

Renmark High School was one of the early adopters of STELR and has been using STELR equipment since 2010. Naracoorte High Schools signed up to STELR in 2014.

UPDATE: Read the story published in the Naracoorte Herald on 13 June 2018.