Sustainable Classrooms and Schools

Sustainable Classrooms and Schools

ARENA (the Australian Renewable Energy Agency) and the Australian Government have funded a trial of renewable energy powered classrooms in two schools in NSW. The funding has allowed a company called Hivve Technology Pty Ltd to install prototype classrooms at St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School in Holdsworthy and Dapto High School in Dapto.

The classrooms will be equipped with sensors to monitor energy use and air quality, Students will be able to see the data in real time using user-friendly dashboards.

It is estimated that each classroom will generate 7600 kilowatts per year. If the trial is successful, classrooms may be installed in other schools across the country.

Another company Simply Carbon, assists schools to reduce their energy use and aim towards carbon-neutrality. They assisted South Fremantle Senior High School in WA to become the first carbon-neutral school in Australia.

Dr Vanessa Rauland, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Simply Carbon has been interviewed as part of STELR’s Women In STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) project. The WISE project will see the release of 20 inspirational video interviews and accompanying curriculum resources in mid-2018.